MNC Land Held CSR activities with the Theme Healthy Indonesia

MNCLand.com – MNC Land held an activity of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the Integrated Child-Friendly Public Spaces (RPTRA) Kebon Sirih, Jakarta, is not long ago.

The CSR activity that carried the theme of “MNC Land Together with Healthy Indonesia Raising Parents Awareness of Kids’ Health with Homemade Foods” were attended by 30 people from the PKK Members In the area. In this activity, MNC Land invited Ms. Wina as an innovator who cares about food health and nutrition to provide education to PKK members. Mrs. Wina and her team taught the audience how to make a healthy jam from fresh fruits.

“Jam made from fresh fruits can be one of the choices of healthy food for the family. Fruits like mango, lemon, soursop, guava or pineapple can be made into jams and the process is very easy,” she explained in the activity on Tuesday (April 23, 2019).

Not only about health, MNC Land as a public company held regular CSR activities with various other themes, such as education, children care, environment, religion, etc, as the commitment of contributing to the community and environment.