MNC Land Cooperation with Korea Land & Housing Corporation

MNCLand.com – To support the development of MNC Lido City, PT MNC Land Tbk signed a partnership with Korea Land & Housing Corporation.

Signatories to the agreement made with the South Korean company will support the planning and development of Lido and the surrounding region.

Currently, MNC Land is undertaking the construction of the MNC Lido City project. MNC Lido City is a world-class holiday and lifestyle destination integrated with high-end entertainment areas. Built on an area of 3,000 hectares, this city will be located at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level so as to provide a cool atmosphere with the naturaly stunning panorama typical of tropical forests.

The entertainment area of the city will become one of the largest tourist attractions in Indonesia due to its world-class theme park. A high-end luxury area featuring a lavish lifestyle concept will feature a range of modern facilities, ranging from an international-standard 18-hole golf course, a lifestyle country club, 6-star luxury hotels, and high-end residential neighborhood.