MNC Land Supports the “Pendaki Cerdas” Campaign Held by TNGGP

MNCLand.com – On Sunday (April 4th, 2019), MNC Land supports #PendakiCerdas (smart climber) campaign held by the Center for the National Park of Mount Gede Pangrango (TNGGP) in the activities of a leisurely stroll on the car-free day (CFD) in the Bundaran Hotel Indonesia, Jakarta.

MNC Land and TNGGP have collaborated in developing natural tourism in the Bodogol Lido Area, Sukabumi, West Java, which is also part of the MNC Lido City project.

Vice President Director of MNC Land, M. Budi Rustanto convey, as a partner to develop nature tourism area, MNC Land supports activities that preserve nature.

The #PendakiCerdas campaign initiated by TNGGP is not the first event MNC Land took part, there were a number of environmental conservation events that we involved,” said Budi Rustanto.

He continued that by supporting such natural conservation programs, the awareness for natural tourism programs, especially in hiking would also be increased.

Meanwhile, Head of the Management Center for TNGGP Cianjur Area, Diah Qurani Kristina said that #PendakiCerdas campaign aims to socialize to the climbers to “care for yourself, care for a friend, and care for the environment.”

“Care for yourself means that you have to be in good health before climbing, care for friends means that the climbing is done by at least three people, as well as care for the environment and not to litter on the route,” said Diah Qurani.

This activity was followed by a community of mountaineers and also general public in the CFD Area at Bundaran Hotel Indonesia, Jakarta.

As is known, MNC Land has received authorization to manage 400 hectare part of the national park and Lake Lido. They will become part of MNC Lido City project which is developed in an area of 3,000 hectares by MNC Land.