MNC Land Initiated Creative Programs in Utilizing Used Plastic Waste

MNCLand.com – In 12th and 14th December 2018, MNC Land as a public listed company in the property sector initiated an environmental-based program of bottle and plastic bag waste utilization.

The program was held at the RPTRA (Integrated Child Friendly Public Space) Kebon Sirih, Central Jakarta, as MNC Land’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity to help community and the surrounding environment.

This CSR activity includes a workshop to turn plastic waste into something creative and useful, such as utilizing waste plastic bottles into vase or wall hangings, and turn waste plastic bags into a more functional bags.

In addition to CSR events for the environment, MNC Land also conducts CSR activities with various themes, such as children’s nutrition, children’s education, reading programs for children, caring for places of worship, etc.