During the Month of Ramadan, 2 Hotel This Give Special Offers

MNCLand.com –  During the month of Ramadan, a variety of attractive offers provided by Lido Lake Resort by MNC Hotel in Bogor and Oakwood Hotel & Residence Surabaya, ranging from special offer fasting together, meeting up to the stay.

Special Offers from Lido Lake Resort
Lido Lake Resort by MNC hotel is located in Bogor, during Ramadan has prepared a variety of attractive offers, such as Kampung Ramadan brings Ta’jil dish menu offerings and iftar with 99 types of food and drinks, Ramadan Meeting Package, and Ramadan Stay.

All special Ramadan promotion of Lido Lake Resort by MNC hotel has available and valid until May 29, 2019. Get also free documentation and coverage of the event which will be broadcast on Channel MNC TV program terms and conditions apply. For reservations or more information, please visit www.lidolakeresort.com.

Special Offers from Oakwood Surabaya
For those of you who are or will travel to Surabaya, Ramadan special offers of Oakwood Hotel & Residence Surabaya could be the right choice to hold iftar or corporate meetings.

Promo offer, such as the work of serving the Iftar menu of dishes from the cuisine of the archipelago, the middle east, to Asia could enjoy. In addition, there is also a Special Meeting Package Ramadan and Ramadan Al Kareem promo stay. For reservations or more information, please visit www.oakwoodasia.com/surabaya.