Corporate Social Responsibility

    MNC Land is aware of the importance of the environment to the sustainability of a business. An open minded society with independence in terms of economy, and preserved and friendly nature will make work and activities for every individual engaged in the Company’s business more comfortable, particularly given that MNC Land is a company running business in the property sector. Therefore, MNC Land views the surrounding community as one of its most important stakeholders, and has long had a policy to give back what the Company has eraned to the surrounding communities, especially those residing near its operational areas.

    In achieving this goal, MNC Land always works under the guidelines of global concept known widely as 3P (profit, people, planet). MNC Land believes that a reached balance in these three aspects will create harmonious relationship between man and nature, and will in turn provide a conducive business environment for the Company while s allowing the local communities to grow as our business grows.

    MNC Land groups its CSR activities into four areas: the Environment, Religion, Health and Education. Four areas are key areas that must be first considered as they constitute the basic needs for a community that will allow it to optimally live their everyday lives.


    Environmental Aspect

    1. Organized Herbal Garden at Ruang Publik Terbuka Ramah Anak (RPTRA) Kebon Sirih, Jakarta (2017).
    2. Environmental Education with Hydroponic farm for childerns at Ciletuh Girang (2017).
    3. Provided trash recycling bins to citizens at Desa Baru, Bogor (2017)
    4. Providing assistance to farmers in th form of compost fertilizers in the village of Hibar Berkah Kampung Ciletuh Girang(2016)


    Religion Aspect

    1. MNC Land provided and maintained facilities and infrastructure for use in religious worship activities regularly organized for the general public, including in the form of relgious teachings to female teenagers given every Thursday and church services held every Friday and Sunday.
    2. Celebration of the Religious Day at MNC Center, such as Idul Fitri, Christmas, and others.
    3. MNC Land works with MNC Group to provide assistance in the form of yearly sacrificial animals to be       distributed to the local people.
    4. MNC Land held iftar events during every holy month of Ramadan, in cooporation with MNC Group and Bimantara Mosque, inviting also communities living nearby.
    5. Renovation of mushola at Kampung Ciwaluh, Kabupaten Bogor (2017)
    6. Donation to Orphaned Children in Ciletuh Village
    7. MNC Land helped repair the ablution place of Miftahul Ulum religious boarding school in Desa Wates Jaya KampungLengkong. MNC Land provided clean water for both ablution prupose and public consumption at Madrasah Miftahul uluum, a village located in Lido area.
    8. The inauguration of the Baitus Sya’adah Mosque MNC Land and its subsidiary PT Lido Nirwana Parahyangan  gave assistance to the Public Facilities near Lido Golf Course that can be used not only by the Company’s employees but also by neighboring residents. Assistance given include renovation to the existing mosque to make it cleaner and more comfortable for praying, with floor repairs, walls painting, roof changing and by providing prayer rugs and prayer wears (2016).


    Health Aspect

    1. Generasi Sehat Kebon Sirih Program by giving education of Healthy Clean Lifestyle Immunization, and provide vitamin childrens in Kebon Sirih area, Jakarta (2018)
    2. Supporting Extra food program for more than 100 infant at Kebon Sirih, Jakarta (2017)
    3. MNC Land and MNC Group organizing regular blood donation held four times in a year.


    Education Aspect

    1. Media Education Program for pre-school childern at Ciletuh Girang , Lido and Kebon Sirih, Jakarta (2017)
    2. Basic lectures by Mr. Hary Tanoesoedibjo in his capacity as Chairman MNC Group related to financial economics and entrepreneurship more than 186 colleges