Corporate Secretary

The Corporate Secretary position is currently held by Mr. M. Budi Rustanto who is also a Vice President Director of the Company. Profile of Mr. M. Budi Rustanto is presented in the Profile of the Board of Directors.

Job Description

The Corporate Secretary serves as a liaison between the Company with the stakeholders and the general public as well as being responsible for providing and delivering important information about the Company to the public general or for the benefit of the shareholders. Accordingly, the Corporate Secretary is bound by the rules, regulations and capital market laws without exception in his/her function to act as the liaison between the Company, Financial Services Authority (OJK), other capital market regulators and the public, in accordance with Financial Service Authority Regulation No 35/POJK.04/2014.

The Corporate Secretary is responsible to the Board of Directors and also reports to the Board of Commissioners on the discharge of his responsibilities. The Corporate Secretary effectively discharged his functions with regards to:

  1. Acting as the Company’s representative and liaison officer between the Company, the Financial Services Authority and all stakeholders in communicating the Company’s activities accurately and on time;
  2. Maintaining good relationships with external stakeholders,especially with regards to information disclosure of theCompany as a publicly listed company, including information on performance, operating activities, and other issues concerning the Company;
  3. The dissemination of information about the Company to all employees, including management’s policies and programs;
  4. Providing input and legal opinion for consideration by the Board of Directors and other units, on issues related to thecapital market and the Company status as a public company,issues related to business expansion by the Bank, and in the formulation of the Company’s policies and regulations;
  5. To stay up-to-date on developments in the capital market,including regulations of the capital market and to inform such developments to the management;
  6. Facilitating, taking minutes, and documenting the minutes of meetings of the BOD and BOC;
  7. Coordinating the General Meeting of Shareholders;
  8. To manage the communication strategy for building the corporate image;
  9. Coordinating the disbursement of funds for social activities related to the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility programs;
  10. Submitting mandatory regular and incidental reports as a publicly listed company to the relevant authorities.