Corporate Milestone

  • PT MNC Land Tbk and Hyatt Hotels Corporation (NYSE: H) announced the first Park Hyatt Hotel in Indonesia and it will be located at the center of Jakarta.
  • PT MNC Land Tbk. as the one of foremost property developer has announced professional golfer from United States of America, Phil Mickelson, to redesign 18-hole a masterpiece signature golf in Tabanan, Bali. And represented the Property as a part of Trump International Golf Club.
  • PT MNC Land Tbk. through its subsidiaries PT Lido Nirwana Parahyangan has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with South Korea contractor PT Posco E&C Indonesia, this cooperation made to construct phase 1 MNC Lido City in Bogor area.
  • PT Lido Nirwana Parahyangan as subsidiaries of PT MNC Land Tbk and National Narcotics Board Republic of Indonesia (BNN-RI) has signed memorandum of understanding (MOU) regarding land grant and lease in Lido area, West Java.

  • MNC Land has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement and a Consulting Agreement with INDAKO to support the infrastructure development for the first Smart City in Indonesia.
  • MNC Land has signed an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Framework Agreement with the China Metallurgical Corporation (MCC) Group, for the design and build of a world-class integrated theme park resort in Lido, Bogor.

  • Signed the cooperation hotel development management and supporting facilities others, between PT MNC Land Tbk.Through its subsidiaries with Trump Hotel.
  • Signed the co-operation in planning the development of the construction area and surrounding Lido, between PT MNC Land Tbk with Korea Land and HousingCorporation.
  • The Directorate General of Natural Resources and Ecosystem Conservation of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, through the Gede Pangrango National Park Agency, and PT MNC Land Tbk through its business unit PT Lido Nirwana Parahyangan, signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the management and development of Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park (TNGGP).

  • On 26 March 2014, the Company signed a Share Sales and Purchase agreement with regards to the purchase of 55.91% shares of BNR owned by PPI, non-controlling interest, as noted in the Notary Deed No. 12 dated 26 March 2014 by Arlita Indarajati S.H.. M.Kn.
  • The Company owns 100% of BNR effective on the 2nd April 2014.
  • The Company commenced renovations on the Lido Golf Course-Sukabumi.
  • The MNC Financial Center Building officially started operations.
  • PT MNC Wahana Wisata is in operations as a Subsidiary of the Company in the construction and management of recreational and tourism parks. Shares of PT MNC Wahana Wisata are owned by PT Lido Nirwana Parahyangan (99.97%) and PT Lidogolf Prima (0.03%).
  • PT MNC Indonesia Realti operates as one of the Company’s sibsidiaries in the hotel and restaurant business and its supporting industries. Shares of PT MNC Indonesia Realti are owned by 99.97% and
    PT Lido Sarana Prima (0.03%).

  • The Company obtained the authorization notice from OJK to allow it to proceed with Limited Public Offering II with preemptive rights.
  • As a result of Limited Public Offering II,the shares were listed on Bursa Efek Indonesia.
  • The Company signed a sale and purchase agreement with PT Bakrie Nirwana Semesta on the purchase of 19.09% of shares of PT Bakrie Nirwana Resort.
  • The Company signed a sale and purchase agreement with PT Bakrie Nirwana Semesta for the purchase of 25% of shares of PT Bakrie Nirwana Resort.
  • The Company signed a Hotel Management Agreement with PT Hyatt Indonesia.

  • The Company acquired the CNI Building, whose name was later changed to Wisma Indovision II.

  • The Company officially changed its name to PT MNC Land Tbk.
  • Sindo Building, located on Jl Kebon Sirih, commenced operation.

  • The Company changed the name of PT Usaha Gedung Bimantara to PT GLD Property.

  • Based on Deed No. 17 dated January 22, 2010, the Company acquired 99.99% of the shares in PT Investasi Hasil Sejahtera, a company in Surabaya providing building management services.
  • The Company acquired 99.60% of the shares of PT Global Jasa Sejahtera, a company providing skilled personnel on an outsourcing basis.
  • In line with the Company’s strategy of focusing on the domestic property industry, it disposed of all its shares in GLD Investment Pte Ltd, Singapore.

  • For re-branding purposes, in order to strengthen its image and position, the Company changed the name of two office buildings managed by PT Usaha Gedung Bimantara – Menara Kebon Sirih and Plaza Kebon Sirih to become MNC Tower and MNC Plaza respectively.

  • The Company completed the acquisition of 90.00% of the shares of GLD Investment Pte Ltd, an information technology provider company, publisher and its related activities as well as property rental in Singapore.
  • The Company acquired 99.60% of the shares of PT Investasi Karya Gemilang, a property developer and management company in Bali based in Jakarta.
  • The Company acquired 99.80% share ownership of PT Swarna Citra Sentosa, a property developer and management in Surabaya which is based in Jakarta.
    The Company increased its shares ownership in PT Plaza Indonesia Realty to 24.65%.

  • The Company officially changed its name to PT Global Land Development Tbk. The change of name was effective on September 27, 2007.
    The Company acquired 99.99% of the shares in PT GLD Property (previously known as PT Usaha GedungBimantara).
  • The Company obtained authorization from the Chairman of the Capital Market and Financial Institutions Supervisory Board (Bapepam-LK) with the issuance of his Decree No.S.6082/ BL/2007 which authorized the Company to hold a Limited Public Offering for a maximum amount of 3,357,990,000 (three billion three hundred and fifty seven million nine hundred and ninety
    thousand) shares through a Rights Issue granting preemptive rights to shareholders at a par value of Rp500 (five hundred Rupiah) per share at an offering price of Rp500 (five hundred Rupiah) per share; this authorization was recorded on the Indonesian Stock Exchange register as of 28 January, 2008.

  • The Company held an Initial Public Offering, officially becoming a publically listedcompany on the Jakarta Stock Exchange (now Indonesian Stock Exchange).

  • Initially the Company was establishedunder the name of PT KridaperdanaIndah Graha.