Company Overview


PT MNC LAND Tbk (Hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) is a subsidiary of PT MNC Investama Tbk. The Company is engaged in the construction, trade, industry and property management services either directly or indirectly through Subsidiaries in Indonesia. On June 11, 1990, PT Kridaperdana Indahgraha formed and since then started the long history of the Company, before finally officially join part of the MNC Group and became PT MNC LAND Tbk. On May 7, 2012, the name change is expected to increase the Company’s profile and strengthen synergies with MNC Group.

Ten years after the Company’s standing, in order to improve professionalism and transparency and increase alternative sources of funding, the Company made an Initial Public Offering of action with as many as 164 million sheets of listed shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (d / h Jakarta Stock Exchange) on March 30, 2000.

In order to strengthen its position as the leading property company that is reliable and trustworthy through strategic innovation, the development of the location and the best property management services in accordance with its vision, the Company began to expand its business through the acquisition of several property companies, in the framework of efforts for the development of sustainable growth. The Company was transformed into a holding company with several subsidiaries whose main business is to build, develop, and manage the assets of the property, as well as providing labor services outsourcing such as housekeeping, security, and others.

The business development each year gets more rapid and more diverse products and services and also provide added value in the eyes of investors, shareholders, and other stakeholders. The company also became more confident with having a portfolio of investments in a number of companies that have a trusted developer of quality property products, such as shopping malls, hotels, residential (apartments) and the golf course.

With the ongoing expansion effort, the Company implements long-term business goals to become a leading company in the business of integrated property that focuses on the development of integrated resort area in Indonesia. The implementation of the development of tourism area in Lido, West Java has been realized, with the construction of the theme park and world-class golf courses. To support the business expansion, the Company remains to strengthen the financial foundation, a solid organizational structure, as well as the implementation of good governance.