Manager Rides & Animatronics

Job Descriptions: 

  • Ensures department understands and follows all company policies and procedures.
  • Coordinates and assigns managers to assist technicians with set up, install, repair, and maintain all equipment and venue operations. Determine life cycles of all equipment assets and put together an action plan for replacement and repair based on engineering and manufacturing specifications.
  • Maintains a documentation system for all rides & attractions and that a daily report and engineering audits are performed for all activities during operating hours.
  • Ensures all shows and attractions maintains the highest level of safety in accordance with MNC Theme Park Policies, accepted manufacturing practices, and local standards.
  • Provides technical guidance and mentoring as required to staff members and other business partners within the day-to-day detailed installation, test, and adjust activities in the field. Builds strong team cohesion and motivation within the Rides & Attractions Team.


Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor degree in engineering in applied controls for ride systems. Understanding of ride and attraction programming formats, electrical debug and mechanical debug: Understanding of Programming languages such as RSLogix 5, RSLogix 500, RSLogix 5000, PanelBuilder software’s, Allen Bradley Drive Tools software’s, Symax, Unico, & Allen Bradley GML. Exposure to animatronics, parallel mechanisms, mechanism design, and mechanisms synthesis. Experience with ride profile modeling, dynamics modeling, force control, calibration, and parameter estimation.
  • At least 15+ years of multi-location construction/facility management. Experience managing international theme park facility & multi-million dollar construction projects Strong technical experience & knowledge of all types of ride systems including digital projection, audio-visual ride systems: Park sound, control systems using PLC logic and Show System servers, automation, motion base simulators, animatronics, coasters, amplifiers, and other rides system peripheral equipment.